TEAM NE 12’s Elite Head Coach Steve Wallace





I have been around sports my entire life and started playing baseball at age 5. I grew up in a military family and had the opportunity to live all over the world. With a move to a new country or state every 3 years, sports was a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Playing football, basketball and baseball as a youth contributed to my belief that young athletes should play multiple sports.  As I got older I focused my attention on baseball and basketball, playing both through high school. After graduation I had the opportunity to continue my baseball career at Midland University. I had an awesome college experience and got to be part of an amazing program built around character and commitment to the team.  I began my coaching career while in college as an assistant coach for the Springfield American Legion baseball team.  I have coached a number of youth sports teams over the last 5 years including Soccer, Basketball, Softball and Baseball.  This is my second season with TEAM Nebraska. I am committed to teaching the girls the fundamentals of the game and teaching them to play with game with teamwork and pride. TEAM Nebraska is a place for players to grow as a player and a person; and I am committed to helping each player reach their full potential.